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Hosted by Noel Edmonds, Noel’s house Party was a hugely popular and successful light entertainment series, broadcast live on primetime Saturday evening television  on BBC 1 throughout the 90’s.

The basic theme of the programme centred around Noel’s manor house in the fictitious  village of Crinkly Bottom where he played host to numerous, prestigious, celebrity guests, village locals and features such as the famous Gotchas, Grab a Grand, NTV and the Gunge Tank

Vicki made her first appearance on the show in 1992 and later became a regular in 1995 when she assumed the role of Noels’ man-eating neighbour. This initiated a change in storyline as all previous female neighbours had made it quite clear that despite Noel’s attempts to flatter and woo, the ladies were completely impervious to all his manly charms. Vicki’s arrival to Crinkly Bottom however sparked a role reversal with Noel seemingly out of his depth and fighting off his new neighbour’s amorous advances at every attempt.

Aside form this running gag, Vicki also found herself involved with Noel’s Gotcha feature on a couple of occasions. The first came while starring in the comedy play Don’t Dress For Dinner during a summer season at Bournemouth’s Pier Theatre where she collaborated with Noel and fellow cast members, to set up leading man Lionel Blair. General mayhem ensued and tempers became frayed as Vicki deliberately made late entrances and pretended to appear confused, a disguised Noel heckled from the audience and sound and light cues popped up randomly and without warning in an attempt to throw Lionel in his performance, all of which resulted in the famous Blair Stare before Noel finally appeared on stage to present the award. The tables were turned in a later series as a result of Vicki stating ‘You’ll never get me’, when she was asked to visit a restaurant as herself and also in disguise to determine if celebrities received better treatment than the general public. The course of events led her to supposed arrest, where, following her transportation to the local police station under escort, she failed to recognise her arresting officer as an actor from The Bill before finally being presented with her Gotcha by Noel also in disguise as a policeman. The feature was taken a stage further when during the showing of the Gotcha days later, Mr Blobby tipped an entire tureen of real chicken tikka massala all over Vicki. Not to be outdone, Noel received his comeuppance a week later when he was well and truly set up and gunged by the vengeful Vicki.

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