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Cash in the Celebrity Attic is a popular reality TV show in which celebrities let antique experts into their homes in order to search out valuable items for sale at auction. The object is to raise as much money for charity as possible and Vicki was more than happy to invite the Cash in the Celebrity Attic team to rummage through her drawers and just about everywhere from her spare bedroom to the garden shed of in support of Essex based charity The Dream Factory who make dreams come true for seriously ill and disadvantaged children.

Chris Hollins and James Rylands arrived on Vicki’s doorstep in the hope finding that famous painting of The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Clomp. Alas their efforts were unsuccessful although they did find an original painting by Mulready and a selection of fine porcelain among other things! After a whole day searching, a final selection was chosen for auction with the target of £400 in mind to help buy a laptop for a young boy.

Four days later, Vicki and the team met at Stansted auction rooms to record the second part of the show, the auction. With a certain amount of expertise Vicki also took a turn as auctioneer raising the coffers by £210 selling Allo Allo memorabilia. In all the auction raised a staggering £766 for The Dream Factory which Vicki, as a Patron presented to the charity herself.

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