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Visit a mystery celebrity’s home, have them cook your dinner, have them include clues as to their identity in the menu and then, have them do the dishes if you correctly guess who they are. That’s the format behind Who’s Doing the Dishes, presented by Brain McFadden on ITV1 in the afternoons. One group of contestants were in for a few surprises when they saw what their host was serving up but the real question was would Vicki have to do the dishes as well?

Perhaps putting Escargot on the menu as a starter was a bit of a give away with the visitors pouncing on what they thought was a French theme. However, confusion started to reign over the spicy prawn pasta main dish and additional clues of a ball of wool and crunchy bugs! Someone older (liberty!) who might be French and starred in I’m A Celebrity maybe? Mmm getting warm perhaps. And for dessert? Profiteroles and the sight of Brian dressed as a French waitress, complete with mini skirt and wig. Does he think Yvette really looked like that? So back to the French theme and yes you guessed it, they guessed it so Vicki was forced to swap oven gloves for rubber gloves and do all the washing up!

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