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Brief Synopsis

Come Back Mrs Noah hit our TV screens in 1978. Written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, it was considered by many to be ahead of its  time. For Vicki it proved to be the catalyst that helped launch Vicki to stardom as it was as a direct result of her performance as a French robot maid in the episode The Housing Problem, that ultimately led to her being offered the role of Yvette in Allo Allo.

Set in the future, housewife Mrs Noah wins a cookery competition the prize of which is to tour the new British space exploration vehicle. A series of unfortunate mishaps lead to the spacecraft being launched into outer space posing the problem of how to get everyone home.


Role French Robot Maid 

A delightfully willing and appealing android!

Such was Vicki’s performance in this role that it prompted David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd to cast Vicki as Yvette in their hit sitcom Allo Allo.


Bob Spiers

Cast included

Mollie Sugden, Ian Lavender, Michael Knowles, Donald Hewlett, Gorden Kaye and Ann Michelle

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