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Brief Synopsis

Audacity opened at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe on Tuesday 12th June 07 and was the second of 4 plays to be staged in their Summer Repertory Season that year.

Simon MAwdsley’s black comedy centres around Philip, a moderately average salesman, going through a messy divorce. Deciding to inject some much needed excitement and cash into his life, he devises a scheme to rob a London department store of a day’s Christmas takings. However, realizing he can’t succeed alone, he enlists the help of 2 rather naïve business colleagues. The first, John, has lived an exemplary life until, in one fleeting moment of madness, he commits professional suicide by fiddling his expense account resulting in his dismissal from work and financial ruin for his wife and family. The second, Dave, is also a struggling salesman with a high maintenance wife so with a little gentle persuasion from Philip, both are enticed into his get rich quick plan. However, when Dave and John’s wives Gemma and Gillian become entangled in the plot, things don’t go quite as planned. With their husband’s behaving uncharacteristically, the pair determine to investigate their fidelity resulting in unexpected consequences.

Character Analysis

Gillian is the loyal and reserved wife of John with a quiet air of professionalism. However, under the prim and proper exterior of this demure librarian lies a woman with a surprising alto ego who readily confesses to 2 affairs during her 15 year marriage without any compunction whatsoever. What’s more she is equally happy to accept any ill-gotten gains that the robbery may provide, although does at least stand by her husband when the chips are down. 


Jay Marcus


Ian Angus Wilkie, Matt Hewitt, David McClelland and Jane Flanagan.

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