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Brief Synopsis

Arthur Spinks is a short sighted ex boxer not only whose career  has ended on the ropes but whose life appears to be heading in the same direction. With no money, no prospects and only one loyal companion in the form of the drunken Kingsley with whom he shares a stressful friendship, Spinks seeks to change his destiny by pretending to win the National Lottery. Soon not only is he receiving free handouts from people and companies hoping to share in his good fortune but the attention of the media and more importantly to Spinks, the amorous advances from a number of women. In particular he becomes deeply involved with the attentions of twin sisters plain Dawn Pringle, who professes to love Spinks for himself, not his money and who arrives on the scene to warn him against her man eating, gold digging identical twin Donna who promptly turns up and seduces him. Despite being completely unable to resist Donna, Spinks makes a Will in favour of Dawn before discovering at the eleventh hour that his new loves are at the heart of a plot of intrigue which could very well be his undoing.

Character Analysis

Twin sisters Dawn and Donna are just as about as unalike as you can get! Dawn is plain, dowdy, timid and constantly anxious about every aspect of life including bedroom activities. Donna on the other hand is stunningly attractive. She simply oozes confidence and sexuality while displaying a great deal of plausibility!


Jay Marcus


Andrew Ramsey and Ian Angus Wilkie.

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