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Day 6

Day six and there are strangers in the camp! Strangers in the form of Edwina Currie and Jake Quickenden were sent into the camp as members of the CIA (Celebrity Intelligence Agency). Their mission, to make mischief and make mischief they did. Having recruited Jimmy Bullard, the team set about sabotaging the next Dingo Dollar challenge with Vicki, Michael and Tinchy. The oblivious threesome were sent to Keith’s Kiosk where they had to choose 3 questions they thought their campmates would know the answers to in order to win some cash and a treat. Vicki was convinced Edwina would at least know the answer to who had led the country longest, Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair but she had no idea that Edwina’s task was to sway the campmates in the wrong direction. It has to be said it wasn’t easy for Edwina to deny the Iron Lady but she had no problem in leading her colleagues astray with the help of Jimmy and Jake! Ever the politician!! As a result, Vicki, Michael and Tinchy returned to camp empty handed with Vicki having endured bugs on her bum! Tinchy was quick to point them out to her but being the gentleman he is, declined to touch her rear to brush them off….until invited to by the lady herself. Tinchy there are a fair few fellas around who would gladly have paid to swap places with you yesterday!

Now there may have been a few cockroaches on Vicki yesterday but there certainly weren’t any flies! She immediately announced a conspiracy going on and her chain was visibly rattled! But a bit of bonding with Michael and a soothing bask in the sun, seemed to settle her down again although she seriously troubled Jimmy with her impressions of Popeye and Olive Oyl. Watch out Edwina, Vicki’s onto you!

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