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Day 14

Yesterday was a particularly busy one for Edwina. Not only was she chosen to do the bushtucker trial but it was her responsibility to take on the latest daily challenge against Foggy. Long story short, she stormed through the Cabin Fever trial winning 8 stars for camp but could she beat Foggy as well on the two Tribes Challenge – Round the Twist, steal all the food, win some booze and another camp mate for the Galahs? Of course she could! Meanwhile back at camp, Vicki and the rest were having an in-depth conversation about …..Wombles, cockney rhyming slang and other matters of vital importance. Seems Vicki also mistook Jimmy for Michael which inadvertently stated a bit of a thing between Jimmy and Jake but it wasn’t all bad for Jake, he did manage to get a snog from Vicki!

And it was Vicki who ultimately took charge for the Galahs when it came to the logical thinking on which she celeb should be adopted into the tribe as a result of winning the two Tribes Challenge. As Jake joined the rank, there was great anticipation of which tribe would win the final challenge and ultimately exemption from the first eviction.

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