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Brief Synopsis

During filming of Allo Allo, Vicki was also invited to join the cast of another of David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd’s long running hit comedy series Are You Being Served. 

Set in the exclusive fictitious department store of Grace Brothers, this highly successful show ran for ten seasons and depicted the often outrageous exploits of the store’s colourful and flamboyant employees from Menswear and Ladies Apparel giving rise to a host of star names in the process. 

Vicki’s first appearance in the series came in 1983 as a policewoman in the episode Calling All Customers. With business in the store on the decline, the staff of Grace Brothers decide to drum up custom by way of a broadcast over CB radio. When Mr Spooner (Mike Berry), makes contact with a seductive young lady, (played by Vicki), he thinks his luck has changed until he realizes she is actually a police constable on the look out for possible curb crawlers.

Vicki returned to the show a year later in the episode The Nightclub. When Mr Humphries acts as a temporary usher in a nearby cinema, his colleagues decide to pay a visit by way of support for the main feature in which Vicki portrayed the role of the on screen French actress.

Directors Include

Bob Spiers and Martin Shardlow

Cast Included

Among the regular cast members were Wendy Richard, Frank Thornton, Trevor Bannister, Mollie Sugden, Arthur English, Nicholas Smith, Alfie Bass, Mike Berry, Arthur Brough, Penny Irving, Larry Martyn, Harold Bennett, and the incomparable, John Inman whose portrayal of the camp Mr Humphries is heralded as one of the finest and best loved characters the world over.

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